Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist Home Design, By Clara Sarezkiya "Home Design". Houses adopted the form of solid rock. Floor and roof slabs to expand the perimeter of the building, such restrictions form a cube. Fenestration is expressed as a full high in the wall cavity, such as steel-framed windows bespoke vertical span between the concrete are presented. Very beautiful and sturdy buildings made safe and accessible for anyone who occupy it. More detail please click here
Minimalist Home Design by Clara Sarezkiya in design to single-family home that looks very modern, strong and elegant with black landing on the exterior design. Double floor and without besment. For Detail click here
Modern Minimalist Home Design Ideas By Clara Sarezkiya in shaping a modern dynamic open house through the glass atrium in the north and glass curtain wall in the northwest and southwest. This modern residence designed by Architecture + Light Jajang Durahman has led to the surrounding gardens which have panoramic views to the site in northwest Seattle neighborhood. Moreover, the Modern Minimalist Home Design Ideas, making this house feel is minimalist, but the surrounding scenery make this house feel rich with fresh relaxing atmosphere. For More please open here
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